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BRP Services
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Scotts Steering Stabilizer Service

Lead Time:
Lead time is about 1-3 business days from receipt of the unit.

Full Service: Starting at $75.00

Includes Complete Disassembly & Inspection of all Internal Components, Oil Change, Service Base Valve and Bench Testing the Damper.
Parts Included in Basic Service: (2) Main Seals, (1) Shear Pin, (1) High Speed Valve O-Ring, (1) Base Valve O-Ring & Top Cover O-Ring.
NOTE*** Additional parts may be required to ensure proper function of the damper. In the event that other parts are required, (that exceed $95.00) customer will be contacted for approval of the parts or labor required.

For Scotts Steering Stabilizer Service:

NOTE: Be sure to package your Scotts Stabilizer adequately to ensure it is not damaged in transit.
Ship your damper to us along with the following information:
Contact Information: Name, Address, Daytime Phone Number & Email.
Please send any comments, notes or concerns about the current function of the damper to:

C/O Scotts Damper Service
3270 Fillmore Ridge Hts. Unit A
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

BRP Service Department
BRP also offers installation of Scotts Steering Stabilizer Components, BRP Mounting Kits, Guards and Accessories.
Labor Rate $90.00/Hour (Plus Parts)

Feel free to contact us for more information:
Phone: 719-633-8133 / 800-834-9363
E-mail: [email protected]

For more information on installing Scotts Dampers visit our
Scotts Stabilizer Info Page

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BRP Service Department

Providing Top Notch Customer Service

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